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Saturday 7th December 2019 - 02:18 pm

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New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : about 8 minutes ago. Updated : about 4 hours ago

  • Officers investigate Dartford rape
  • Fatal bus collision in Maidstone
  • Witnesses sought to attempted rape in Ramsgate
  • Have you seen this statuette stolen in a Staplehurst burglary?
  • CCTV image issued as part of investigation into Ashford burglary

Checked : about 43 minutes ago. Updated : about 3 hours ago

  • Judge sentences Swale sex offender
  • Annual Christmas Drink and Drug Drive campaign
  • Suspected Westerham drink driver also alleged to have assaulted police
  • Maidstone man charged with multiple shoplifting offences
  • Strood man jailed for assault and racial harassment
  • Bravery and professionalism commended at Chief's awards ceremony
  • Two men charged with producing cannabis in Dover
  • Christmas burglary advice for students

Checked : about 3 hours ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Road Safety Team highlighted for work leading the way
  • Reminder: Have your say on the transport strategy for the south east

Checked : about 5 hours ago. Updated : about 5 hours ago

  • Oumph! recalls ‘The Chunk’ because it contains undeclared mustard
  • Asda recalls Meatball Marinara meal due to undeclared milk


Scam Warning: BT Brexit Phishing Email

This phishing email, disguising itself as from 'BT', has a Brexit twist. It's a scam designed to steal your personal data. Here's exactly what it looks like.

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.


Card Skimming Fraud Doubles: Five Ways To Keep Safe At An ATM

Fraudsters could try everything from covert cameras to hidden scanners

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.


French Strikes: How Could They Affect UK Travellers?

British travellers face cancellations, delays and disruption getting to and from France during the next five days due to a general strike in the country.

Click HERE for full details on the BBC website.

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