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Sunday 23rd January 2022 - 09:11 pm

Kent Police approve of e-watch for communications to residents of the county.

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New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : about 9 minutes ago. Updated : about 4 hours ago

  • Image released in Ramsgate assaults investigation
  • CCTV images issued after burglary in Dartford
  • Man reported missing from the Sandwich area
  • Appeal following theft of painting in Canterbury
  • Witnesses sought to Gravesend car park assault

Checked : about 25 minutes ago. Updated : about 2 hours ago

  • Officer seriously injured in collision on M25
  • Stolen car stopped 15 minutes later in Medway
  • Two charged after almost 250 cannabis plants found in Tunbridge Wells house
  • Shoplifter who spat in officers' faces is jailed
  • Warning following reports of social media hacking
  • Prolific burglar jailed for more than nine years
  • Prompt action by Tonbridge officer leads to return of stolen Land Rover
  • Rochester man jailed for claiming self-inflicted stab wound was caused by former partner
  • Dealers used secret EncroChat network to supply cocaine

Checked : about 31 minutes ago. Updated : about 21 hours ago

  • Four people trapped in cave led to safety - St Margaret's Bay near Dover
  • Flat fire in Faversham

Checked : about 1 hour ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Cold weather warning extended – Kent urged to keep warm and well
  • Illegal tobacco seized from hidden hole in shop ceiling

Checked : about 1 hour ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Recall: Dyson - Airwrap (COUNTERFEIT)
  • Recall: The Little Green Sheep - A Frame and Curved Baby Gyms
  • Recall: Parker Products - Telescopic 5.2m Ladder
  • Recall: Grey Star Lamp
  • Recall: Earsoon Baby Bath Toy
  • Recall: Wrist Rattles
  • Recall: Halfords - I-Size Revolve Child Car Seat
  • Recall: LED Flash Light Bear Soft Toy
  • Recall: Magnetic Building Blocks Construction Toy 50 / 100 pieces
  • Recall: Magnetic Building Blocks Construction Kit Toy - 63 pieces



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