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Saturday 16th January 2021 - 02:24 am

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New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : about 1 hour ago. Updated : about 8 hours ago

  • Renewed appeal for information after fatal collision in Maidstone
  • Update: Missing Tonbridge man

Checked : about 39 minutes ago. Updated : about 9 hours ago

  • Nine-year jail term for man behind Folkestone knife assault
  • Two sentenced for Canterbury city centre assault
  • Life imprisonment handed to man for Northfleet murder
  • Sittingbourne man charged with assaults against Kent Police officers
  • Robbery suspect charged with Strood van theft

Checked : about 54 minutes ago. Updated : about 13 hours ago

  • Snow warning and cold weather alert

Checked : about 54 minutes ago. Updated : about 7 hours ago

  • Recall: Cow & Gate and Aptamil Muesli products
  • Recall: Chappie and Pedigree dog food
  • Recall: Caterers Choice - Pasta Del Vallo Shells and Fusilli
  • Recall: Tesco - Taleggio

Checked : about 1 hour ago. Updated : about 8 hours ago

  • Nutricia recalls Cow & Gate and Aptamil Muesli 10+ months products because they contain pieces of apple stalks
  • Mars Petcare UK recalls a range of dog food products because of high levels of Vitamin D

Checked : about 1 hour ago. Updated : about 16 hours ago

  • Caterers Choice Ltd recalls Pasta Del Vallo products because of undeclared soya


Seven Lifesaving Baby And Toddler First Aid Tips Parents Need To Know

Whether it’s choking, an allergic reaction or an injury, here’s what to do if your baby or toddler needs first aid

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.


Sittingbourne Resident Targeted By Bogus Council Officials

An elderly resident in Kent was targeted by bogus council officials into paying £4,000 for urgent home repairs.

Click HERE for full details on the KCC Public Protection website.

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