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Tuesday 18th February 2020 - 10:04 am

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  • ‘African Trading Reward Programme’ Advance Fee Scam
  • Facebook Prayers for Shares – Like-Farming Scams
  • Dog Comes Home With Deadly Snake Around His Snout
  • ‘Two Free Alaska Air Tickets’ Facebook Giveaway Scam

Checked : about 2 hours ago. Updated : about 2 hours ago

  • Recall: Caicui - Hand Cream
  • Recall: Toy Scooter


Scam Call Warning: Amazon Prime 'renewal'

An automated scam call is impersonating Amazon Prime, telling victims their subscription will be 'renewed' for £39.99. Here's what you need to watch out for.

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.


One In Four Parking Ticket Appeals Uncontested - Five Tips To Make Your Appeal A Success

From keying errors to misleading signs, find out how you can appeal an unfair parking ticket

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.


Amazon: Suspect Child Car Seats Found For Sale On Its Store Again

Amazon says it "regrets" that suspect child car seats have once again been found on sale on its UK store, and says it has removed them.

Click HERE for full details on the BBC website.

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