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Friday 22nd October 2021 - 12:58 am

Kent Police approve of e-watch for communications to residents of the county.

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New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : about 4 hours ago. Updated : about 7 hours ago

  • Witnesses sought following rape in Gillingham
  • CCTV appeal following theft in West Malling
  • Suspected arson in Ashford
  • New images issued of missing boy from Sevenoaks

Checked : about 4 hours ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

Wanted in connection with breaching a court order relating to stalking.

Checked : about 4 hours ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Maidstone patrol seizes suspected stolen motorbike in van
  • Medway Task Force joins up with charity to provide advice to school and college pupils
  • Extended prison sentence for man who stabbed his victim
  • Men guarded criminal cash totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • Officers are an inspiration for Wingham school children
  • Jail terms for Ashford drug dealers
  • Cocaine and hydraulic press seized in Medway

Checked : about 33 minutes ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Don’t ignore your booster jab invitation – book today

There are no new headlines to show.

Checked : about 23 minutes ago. Updated : about 13 hours ago

  • Thanet becomes first to receive KFRS building information plates

Checked : about 33 minutes ago. Updated : about 14 hours ago

  • Kent Test Results Day 2021
  • KCC launches consultation on heritage conservation
  • Kent residents urged to prepare for winter on our roads

Checked : about 33 minutes ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Cryptocurrency fraud leads to millions in losses so far this year


Scams Impact On Victims' Wellbeing Amounts To £9.3bn

Which? calls on the government to address the UK's fraud epidemic
The full article has a link to the Which? campaign where you can sign an on-line petition.

Click HERE for full details on the Consumers' Association (Which?) website.


Nearly 45 Million Received Scam Calls In Three Months, Ofcom Says

A survey of 2,000 adults in September found that almost a million people had been misled by a message or a call which they received.

Click HERE for full details on the BBC website.

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